What is Zimbisa?

Zimbisa is a Zimbabwean Trust that was established in January 2014 with the goal of helping Zimbabwe achieve sustained economic growth and reduce poverty by fulfilling the ambitions set out in the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Social Economic Transformation (Zim ASSET) and other sector policies, through improved public-private dialogue. Effective dialogue is key in supporting the establishment of a broad sense of ownership for the national economic transformation agenda, design and implement policies that are conducive to business, raise the confidence of business and investors in the policy environment and therefore facilitate increased investments and growth.

Zimbisa’s mission is therefore to facilitate a sustainable change to the way public private dialogue on business issues is carried out in Zimbabwe, by strengthening the capacity of Zimbabwean partners to engage with each other, become more successful in fulfilling their mandate for dialogue, and on the basis of demonstrated success, raise funds to support the dialogue process. Zimbisa recognises that dialogue does not happen in a vacuum, but requires a number of supporting services and practices to become a well-established and successful practice.

Zimbisa’s approach is not limited to working with Government and Business Membership Organisations (BMOs) but also with other organisations in the market system that play a role in supporting dialogue and the production and use of evidence for policy making. These are, for instance, service providers such as event facilitators; researchers and research organisations; media houses and organisations; communication and media relations’ specialists and BMO members’ services. Zimbisa’s understanding is that a better functioning market can enhance the viability and sustainability of the innovations introduced by its partners. While eager to engage with anyone, Zimbisa will partner with those organisations that are truly committed to innovation and are strategically placed to be market leaders, so to ensure that its support can lead to broad market change by replication and the crowding in of more market players.



Contact us on: info@zimbisa.org
find us at: 1a Kent Road Chisipite