Tools to Make your BMO Membership Grow

Drawing from international experience, and having tested solutions in Zimbabwe, Zimbisa’s has developed a range of tools that can bring a lasting change to the way BMOs deliver services to their members and improve the value proposition of membership.

We can help your organization measure member satisfaction with your current portfolio of chargeable services to members as well as design improvements to your membership model. You can also develop new services and try out innovative membership models with a view to growing your membership. These innovations will ultimately deliver increased membership retention and ultimately more funds for your activities.

One of the innovations that we have recently piloted is to help BMOs remain in touch with their members, and gauge their interest and opinions (and vote) on their activities through the use of Interactive Voice Recognition on mobile phone. To achieve this Zimbisa has partnered with Voto Mobile, and has launched a product that is tailored-made for BMO needs (see: )




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