Strategy Advice and Training on Evidence-based Policy Making

International best practice have shown that evidence based policy making (EBP) have helped Governments in making rational policies. The pursuit of EBP is based on the premise that policy decisions can be better informed by available evidence and can benefit from thorough data analysis. This is because policy that is based on systematic evidence is seen to produce better outcomes, particularly for the poor and those constituencies that are the direct target of policy objectives. In other words, good utilisation of evidence in policy and practice can help save lives, reduce poverty and improve growth.

For example, the Government of Tanzania has implemented a process of health service reforms informed by the results of household disease surveys – this contributed to over 40% reductions in infant mortality between 2000 and 2003 in two pilot districts. On the other hand, the HIV/AIDS crisis has deepened in some countries because governments have ignored the evidence of what causes the disease and how to prevent it spreading.

In pursuit of EBP, Zimbisa is working with Zimbabwe Institute for Public Administration and Management (ZIPAM) to facilitate the launch of a new ZIPAM training course on tools and techniques for Evidence-based policy-making. Zimbisa has also the capacity to provide direct strategy advice to government MDAs on how to best develop evidence for policy making, even on a tight budget, and how to make such evidence inclusive, clear and relevant to the policy process.



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