Solutions to Strengthen your BMO Relationships and Relevance

BMOs are hubs of relationships. They are the place where members meet to exchange information and ideas, they offer a stage for members to meet the institutions and formulate policies that can promote growth and the national interest. It is for this reason that relationship building and networking is an area where BMOs need to excel and deliver very professional services. BMOs that are good relationship hubs provide immense value to members, attract more revenue, and become relevant players in the policy making process.

Strategic Advice and Solutions to make your BMO Relevant

Making your organization more relevant and visible is tantamount to making it more capable of generating resources to be spent on members’ services, research and advocacy. At times, however, the challenges in improving your performance lie with the way your organization functions, both in terms of its structure and skillset as well as its vision and the ability of your team to work together.

To help you overcome these challenges, Zimbisa can provide you with free strategy advice, helping your organization in the processes of organizational change and change in management, going through critical milestones like the formulation or review of the organization’s business plan, the development of the organisation’s strategies, the constitution, etc.

BMO Management Strengthening

Over the years we have developed very effective tools that can help your BMO develop new services or innovate/improve existing ones. During 2014, for example, Zimbisa has partnered with a number of professional Zimbabwean communication specialists to develop BMO-tailored tools to strengthen your communication skills, your ability to relate to the media, your capacity to manage the BMO’s reputational profile. Zimbisa is also currently partnering with a recognised training institution to develop and launch a BMO management course that will be perfectly suited to strengthen the profile of your senior management staff.

A good point of departure for you to identify areas that need strengthening and for us to provide you with some bespoke advice is our online benchmarking tool. If you complete our free online investigation tool:

We will be able to provide you with a bespoke analysis of your organization and some initial ideas on how you can me more efficient in getting your point across to your stakeholders. And it takes less than 20 minutes to complete.



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