Solutions for Government

Reviving economic growth is a priority area of the Zimbabwean government. Key sectors of the economy are identified in the “Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation” (ZIM-ASSET) alongside a blueprint on how to attract investments.

Investments are driven by confidence in the business environment. Consultation and dialogue on policies are integral to raise investments. For this reason, we can help Government Ministries and Agencies to design and adopt the most up-to-date and effective consultation techniques, ensuring that consultation and dialogue can provide strong impetus towards the design and delivery of national plans.

Structured consultation enables the government to take note of a range of views from the very parties that will be impacted by the future law or policy. This creates a body of evidence the ministry or department will be able to incorporate into their policy making.

Zimbisa can also support Government to undertake or commission research that shows the basis for policy changes or their predicted impact. Zimbisa can provide ministries, departments and agencies with the right tools to design and evaluate research in a cost-effective way. If the Government aims to disseminate research to specific groups or the public Zimbisa can support with advice or experts on how best to present and communicate those findings.

Zimbisa’s solutions help government use consultation to make policy formulation, implementation and enforcement easier and less costly.


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