Inclusive Agenda Setting

The involvement of local stakeholders in policy formulation can significantly lower the costs and effort required by government in this process, and it also makes policy implementation and enforcement easier and more participative. With the objective of raising internal and foreign direct investment, government can also engage with investors and the private sector at large to determine the key areas where policy formulation can be improved.

In this vein and in partnership with the government of Zimbabwe, Zimbisa has developed a number of tools that can help government identify areas for priority focus, in consultation with the private sector. Working closely with the National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF), for example, Zimbisa is developing the first ever National Competitiveness Report (NCR). The NCR provides an opportunity for stakeholders to objectively evaluate the country’s competitiveness by benchmarking it with neighbour and global peers. The NCR can provide an on-going platform to review objectives as well as progress for reform, as well as to be used to market Zimbabwe as an investment destination through foreign missions.



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