Business Member Organisations

Business Member Organisations (BMOs) face a range of challenges in Zimbabwe today. The sluggish economy squeezes member’s purses and makes them question the value of their membership in associations.

Budget constraints make it extremely challenging for BMOs to retain quality staff, innovate and fulfil their mandate to adequately represent member’s interest. This in turn makes members question the usefulness of their membership. A vicious cycle begins, and weakens the capacity of BMOs to provide useful inputs to the policy-making process.

Zimbisa can help BMOs overcome these challenges through a range of tools that can bring a lasting change to the way BMOs deliver services to their members and ultimately improve the value proposition of membership, recruit new members or help retain existing – happy – members. The philosophy behind Zimbisa’s approach is that BMOs can become more relevant in the policy making process only if they become more relevant to their members, and this can only happen if they deliver tangible results.

For more information on the market for membership, refer to this infographic that summarises Probe’s recent BMO membership analysis (link here), and watch this video (link here) comparing Zimbabwe’s to other international cases.



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